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Desi Startup Show Sponsorship

Desi Startup Show is one of the fastest growing podcasts exclusively focused on Desi startups. Our listeners are located in the Indian subcontinent and around the world. If you think our audience may be interested in your message, let us talk on how we can make this sponsorship work for you.

Listeners of Desi Startup Show trend younger, engaged, highly technical and tend to have high disposable incomes. Most of them are college educated. Their interests include:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Self improvement
  • Tech including software and hardware
  • Productivity and performance improvement
  • Technical training
  • Health related supplements and products
  • Lifestyle products that enhance their life

What You'll Get

We have found that we get the best results for our sponsors when we are able to test the product prior to talking about it.

By sponsoring Desi Startup Show, you also get:

  1. A sponsorship section at the top of the episode show notes. These notes are available on both Desi Startup Show website as well as on each user's device as they listen to the podcast. This is a place to list any coupon codes or unique links you'd like listeners to click on.
  2. A mention at the beginning of the show where we might say This episode is sponsored by YourCompany. They are my favorite personal email management tool, and we will talk about why partway through the show.
  3. A 1-2 min sponsor spot midway during the episode. We can do a regular ad read but it is ideal if we talk about the product or service and our experience with it. That gives it a personal touch and converts better for the sponsors.
  4. Opportunity to give away any of your products or services to Desi Startup Show listeners.

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Please send us an email - "hey at domain of this site dot com."